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An Equity golf community appeals to golfers who are more serious and demanding of their game and prefer the true country club environment.  Equity clubs typically offer finer and better-maintained courses and practice facilities, a higher level of detail and personal service, more relaxing atmosphere and generally far less crowded than their Bundled golf counterparts.  Because of this, the cost of golfing in an Equity club is usually higher than a Bundled club.  A high initiation fee is required to join the club, and annual dues typically exceed $5,000.  The initiation fee can usually be returned upon resignation of the club, although sometimes only a portion is refunded depending on the club.  Equity membership is capped, so there is always a set number of members alloweed per year.  Equity clubs often offer separate golf, tennis and social memberships for those that are not interested in golf but want to live in the community.  Start searching for Luxury Golf Homes.

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